Up your game! We offer a total body workout with emphasis on safely toning the small and easily injured muscles of the shoulders and back in Bootcamp/Conditioning. Gain flexibility, balance and control of movement both on and off the pole, breathing techniques, and postural understanding in Yoga. Feeling frisky? Join us for Chair Dance and get your weekly cardio, flexibility and core strengthening all at the same time!

Photos feature: Jessica Rector, Alyssa Rudner, Bri Dibari, Tish White, Molly Campbell, Joey Leville, Amanda Okolo and Misty Lockman. 

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"You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop and

look fear in the face."

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Physically it's a workout...mentally it's a breakthrough...spiritually it's an awakening.

​Feeling comfortable and proud of who you are is...to us...a gift.

Give us a chance. Feel incredible about being you!

​​​​Strength & Flexibility

Strength... Beauty... Confidence... Power...

"It's not what you can do but the way you do it that counts." - Mae West


& flow

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

routine series

Can't commit to a set schedule? We offer 'drop in' classes to focus on technique with spins, precision on tricks and endurance through combos.

Or learn an entire routine with our six week series! 

Indy Pole   

​​Pole Fitness

Creating flow takes time. Have you learned a few spins and some floor work but not sure what to do with them? We will focus on transitions between spins, poles and the floor with grace and purpose in Choreography. 

Ready to show off those tricks and spins you've learned? Ready to put it all together? This is the ticket! In Series, you will learn a fully choreographed routine set to music. At the end you have the option to perform for your family and friends or even just that special someone...

MystiqueFlow  FITNESS