​​​​​​CHair Dance/Burlesque

​Who says chairs can't be fitness equipment? Ranging from slow and sensuous to high-energy, this class combines a cardio workout with dancing for an hour of fun and fitness. Students also practice stretching techniques to increase their range of motion. Each class features a 2-4 minute routine, which students can take home to practice. Bare feet or socks and leg warmers are recommended for participants. This class is available upon request for groups of up to 4 participants.


Whole body strengthening and conditioning incorporated into all classes. Targeting muscles both individually and as groups in order to develop clean and safe techniques, transitions and inverts necessary for pole fitness. Bring gym shoes and come prepared to sweat!

Open Studio

Personal practice time. Whether you are working on lessons from class, practicing for your Routine Series, or choreographing your own routine for a performance or competition - we are here to spot, make suggestions, video and encourage! No actual instruction is provided. 

Private LEssons

See the 'Private Lessons' tab for more information!

NOTE: These are not Parties. We do not host Parties.

Introduction to pole

Don't worry about looking silly, sometimes the best beginnings feel a little awkward at first. Shorts or pants that can be rolled up passed the knees are preferred. You will be introduced to a couple of walks, moves, and spins to get you going. It's a great way to find out if pole is right for you! This is REQUIRED before taking any other pole classes.  Please don't hesitate to contact the studio for more scheduling options.

Progressive series

Four week series focusing on level specific techniques that will get you flowing around the pole with ease. These are not drop-in classes so no worries about repeating material from week to week. Meets four consecutive weeks, same day, same time. Reservation is required.​​

Routine Series

Put your Progressive Series skills to work! In Routine Series we combine materials learned in your Progressive Series classes into a comprehensive six-week series. You will learn a complete routine that you can put to the song of your choice with the option of performing at the end. Routines are level-specific so there's no getting in over your head or not being challenged enough!

​​​​Pole Fitness Level classifications: 

Level 1.1-1.9 Grasshoppers~   Intro Level Progressive Series focusing on strength and proper techniques. Learn basic spins, floor-work, and non-invert tricks

Level 2... Renegades~ Spin combos, non-invert tricks, conditioning, and climbing; begin inversion training

Level 3... Warriors~ Further develop transitional moves, inverted tricks as well as continued focus on climb variations

Level 4 Ninjas~ Limited points of contact moves, split tricks, crazy badassery awesomeness

Silver Foxes~ For ages 45+; low impact conditioning, strengthening, and stretching; basic pole moves, floor-work, climbing, spins and Routines


Incorporated into all classes and available as Private/Semi-Private Lessons. You will learn fun and creative ways to transition between your spins, pole to floor, floor to pole, and pole to pole. Come to class prepared for anything! Leg warmers, knee pads, sweatshirts, and sweatpants in addition to regular pole attire is highly recommended for comfort...

SENSUAL FLOW/exotic pole

This is where you find yourself...to dance like no one is watching! Dancing is sensual, sexual, emotional, a language unlike any other. It can be a love affair, a battle, or a celebration. Learn to combine your senses and emotions for the ultimate expression of heart and soul. Leg warmers, knee pads, sweatshirts, and sweatpants in addition to regular pole attire is highly recommended for comfort. Dress in layers to cover all skin and be prepared to remove it too! 

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